Gua Tambun is a prehistoric rock art site situated in Gunong Panjang limestone hill, just outside the border of Ipoh Town. Gua Tambun was once known as a sanctuary for local spiritual ceremony or as an oracle site. Over the years, researchers discovered huge clusters of prehistoric rock art on its west-facing cliff. These rock paintings, collective known as Tambun Rock Art, were dated to approximately 4,000 -2,500 years ago.

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About Us is a platform which shares all information of Gua Tambun Prehistoric Rock Art – from previous archaeological discoveries and records, to contemporary rock art study in Gua Tambun that include - ongoing scientific research, heritage education and outreach activities, conservation and management of the site and local anecdotes of Gua Tambun.

Through these, we connect people to the cultural story of Tambun which has been preserved on the cave wall of Gua Tambun since 4,000 years ago.

Our Vision and Values is an interactive and collaborative platform that aims to promote public awareness and appreciation for Gua Tambun Prehistoric Rock Art, under the auspices of Centre for Global Archaeological Research (CGAR) affiliated to University Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang. This platform is initiated by a group of archaeologists and heritage practitioners who are enthusiastic in bringing archaeology and history of Tambun Rock Art to life in an engaging way. Tambun Rock Art is one of the oldest rock paintings in the country and we envision to connect people to this masterpiece of prehistoric rock art.

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